Custom Design and Manufacturing

Analytic Systems is an innovative Canadian manufacturer of power conversion products. We designed our first Switchmode DC-DC Voltage Converter in 1976 and today we design and build a complete range of products including Battery Chargers, Voltage Converters, Inverters, Power Supplies, Frequency Converters and MPPT Solar Charge Controllers.

At Analytic Systems, we know that the reliability of our systems not only depend on the quality of the design and manufacture, but also in the way we support our products. All products are designed to meet or exceed many international testing standards including CSA, UL, ABS and CE. We are experienced in working with Military standards including MIL461 (EMC) and MIL810 (environmental).

Examples of recent OEM Products by Analytic Systems

This design incorporates state of the art switchmode technology for unmatched efficiency and ultra-quiet operation. Multiple stages of filtering reduce radiated or conducted noise to very low levels. Safety features include over-temperature shutdown, current limiting, short circuit protection with automatic recovery and input under-voltage shutdown.

The UPS-DC2800 Power Supply is designed to provide uninterrupted DC power to a load up to 100A. It has 2 distinct parts: the AC to DC portion of the power supply consisting of 3 x 1500 Watt Power Modules that are phased independently. The DC to DC converter portion of the power supply is capable to supply up to 2850 Watts of additional power from a battery input with a voltage range (24-33) V/ 100A (modified SAFT LBB).

Learn more about this product view the Datasheet

UPS-DC2800 Power Supply

Developed for Metra, Analytic Systems designed and developed a 480V 3 phase input UPS combining both an AC to DC power supply and a separate battery charger that provides regulated 32VDC power to the voltage power systems.

In case of a failure, the low voltage systems are maintained from the batteries.

Learn more about this product view the Datasheet & Whitepaper


Developed for the MBU field kitchen cook stove that the Proheat division of Teleflex builds for the US army.

This battery pack contains 2 40 amp-hour VRLA batteries from Hawker Energy as well as an integrated multi-stage charger tailored to the requirements of these batteries.

The charger is powered from any convenient source of 24 VDC such as the auxiliary power outlet on a standard military HumVee.

Field Battery Pack with Integrated Charger

Lockheed Martin was trying to develop a prototype portable VHF/UHF Transceiver system for government use. The new model, PWS-VTC315MS-28 was created from two COTS products (PWS310 power supply and VTC120 Voltage converter) and placed in the new watertight PWS1510 extrusion.

The unit was ruggedized to meet Mil-STD 810D and Mil-STD 461E. The basic power supply model is the PWS310-110-24.
Our suggestion was to use the PWS310 pcb in a watertight chassis with our Military style endplate and two MS3102 output connectors.

To improve the EMI characteristics of the supply, we would add an input filter assembly as well as our standard military preparations of components and conformal dip the board.

The unit also has a guard for the circuit breaker and an output on LED and a handle for portability. It is rated at 12Amps Continuous, 15 Peak.
It has an auto-ranging VAC input and an output of 28 VDC.


Custom Design

Our team of engineers and technologists represent over 250 combined years of power and electronics design experience.

Design Tools

  • Altium for schematic capture and pcb design
  • Solidworks for mechanical design
  • Specialists in Microchip DSP design and programming
  • EMC chamber and Spectrum Analyzer for Conducted and Radiated Noise testing
  • Electrostatic Discharge testing station
  • Power sources and loads for voltages up to 1000 VAC and 500 Amps
  • Two Thermatron temperature chambers
  • Vibration table

Custom Manufacturing

15,000 square feet of manufacturing space included pcb assembly, mechanical assembly, test and burn-in.

Manufacturing Resources

  • MyData SMT pick and place line with 30,000 component per hour capacity
  • MyData Temperature and Humidity controlled SMT component storage and retrieval
  • Wave Soldering line
  • CNC Conformal Coating line
  • Magnetics Manufacture including vacuum potting and baking
  • Gerber Label design and printing system
  • Skilled in both Leaded and Lead-free manufacturing