Analytic Systems provides optional ruggedization packages for most of the power conversion products it manufactures.We have the manufacturing capacity, engineering expertise, technical sales experience and comprehensive product offering to ensure that rugged, reliable, power conversion products are able to meet your specific power system needs. 

Ruggedized Options

Option "c" Ruggedization Package (incl. Conformal Coating and Siliconing)
Option "MS" Military Pkg (incl. Wide Temp Components, Conformal Dipping and Siliconing
Option "e" Encapsulated Potting (incl. Wide Temp)
Option "w" Extra Wide Temperature Operation (-40 to +55 C, incl)
Option "SM" High Voltage Protection on the DC Input Side up to 1000VDC Spikes
Option "d" Paralleling Diodes
  300W model numbers
  600W, 1000W and 1500W model numbers 
Field / 220VAC Field Conversion Kit from 110VAC to 220 VAC
  includes Full Instructions, New Label, IEC Cord, and Fusing
Option "F" Open Frame - No chassis just heat sink bars