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Analytic Systems manufactures DC to AC Pure Sinewave Inverters with inputs from 12 to 125 volts DC and outputs from 100 to 250 volts AC with frequencies from 50 to 400 Hz at power levels from 300 to 3600 watts.

Analytic Systems has been producing Pure Sinewave Inverters since 1994. Originally designed for running navigation computers on commercial and fishing vessels, the IPSi line has evolved into a range of digitally controlled models with continuous power outputs from 300 to 3600 watts.

All our inverters are Digital Signal Processor controlled for precise frequencies of either 50 or 60 Hz, the powerful high frequency MosFet switching network produces a low voltage AC waveform that is stepped up to either 110 or 220 VAC by a Toroidal transformer for the cleanest possible sine wave output with very low emi.

This technique produces a very clean AC waveform and reduces EMI to lower levels than achievable with other methods. Northrup Grumman evaluated inverters from all major manufacturers and chose the IPS series by Analytic Systems for their Army portable command centers for precisely this reason.

All the IPSi inverters are available in IP66 rated water-resistant or IP67 certified billet machined chassis for operation in rugged environments where exposure to spray or even total immersion is possible.

Digitally Controlled Intelligent Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Using the free to download ‘Power Wizard’ software, the user can select output frequency, output voltage (within +/- 10 percent of the standard voltage), output frequency (50 or 60 Hz) and low voltage shutdown parameters (to match the battery voltage) from any laptop through the standard micro-usb interface. Safety features include over-temperature warning and shutdown, current limiting and short circuit protection. All models offer optional AC Input for Off-Line UPS functionality as well as optional Dry Contact output fail indication, Remote On/Off capability and RS232 communications for remote monitoring.

The IPSi Series of ‘Intelligent Pure Sinewave’ Inverters are designed specifically for running computers and other sensitive AC loads in rugged mobile and other off-grid environments.
One standard AC receptacle (circuit breaker protected) plus a dedicated hardwire connection provide for easy connection of loads. Models are available for 110 or 220 Volts AC Out at 50 or 60 Hz (user selectable), and to operate from 11-15, 20-45 or 40-80 Volts DC In to cover all standard DC battery voltages from 12 to 64 volts nominal (includes 72V Rail).

Inverters may be fitted with any one of these receptacles and/or a hard wired AC output connection.

NA 110VAC 60HZ   |    NA 220VAC 60HZ   |   Worldwide 220VAC 50HZ

The IPSi W/Y and MW/MY Series of ‘Intelligent Pure Sine Wave’ Inverters are designed specifically for running computers and other electronics in rugged mobile and other off-grid locations and are Digital Signal Processor controlled for efficiency and reliability.

IP66 rated (W version) or IP67 certified (Y version) billet anodized aluminum CNC construction allows exposure to dust and moisture including pressure washing, salt, fog, rock and road debris strikes, snow and ice or even complete submersion (IP67 certifed models) without harm. They feature extremely rugged construction designed to meet MIL810G for shock and vibration.

The MW (Military IP66 rated) or MY (Military IP67 certified) versions feature standardized reverse bayonet style military connectors for both DC input and AC output at power levels of 1000, 2000 or 3000 watts continuous allowing easy upgrade from one power level to the next.

Third Party Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Analytic Systems offers a select range of third party Sine Wave inverters to complement our own range. Contact the factory for more information on these models.

100VA, (12, 24, 32, 48, input), 110/220VAC, 50/60Hz Pure Sinewave Inverter
5000VA, (24, 32, 48, or 125VDC Input), 110/220VAC, 50/60Hz Pure Sinewave Inverter

1500VA, (24, 48, or 125VDC Input), 208, 380, or 415 3-Phase Pure Sinewave Inverter, Rackmounted
6000VA, (24, 48, or 125VDC Input), 208, 380, or 415 3-Phase Pure Sinewave Inverter, Rackmounted