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Metal Shark Wins Navy Contract with Analytic Systems Power Supplies



Metal Shark Wins Navy Contract with Analytic Systems Power Supplies


April 2, 2014, Delta BC CANADA, Analytic Systems wishes to congratulate Metal Shark of Louisiana, on their contact with the US Navy to supply up to 80 Navy Force Protection Boats – Medium (FPB-M).

The rugged, high performance Analytic Systems PWS1000-110-24 Power Supplies are built into the distribution panel of their 32’ Defiant boat, which allows the Navy to add custom electronics at a later date, once the boat has been placed into service.

Analytic Systems’ rugged model VTC605-12-24 DC/DC Converters are also used in the distribution panel for the Metal Shark 36′ Courageous, a custom configuration designed and built specifically for the U.S. Navy, for an underwater construction contract.  This is a rugged and reliable workboat platform is well suited for law enforcement, fire rescue response, towing, hauling, or any other application where a large workspace and ample payload carrying capacity are key considerations.

Metal Shark, LLC is a leading supplier of welded aluminum boats for commercial, defense, and law enforcement applications worldwide. While Metal Shark often makes headlines for its numerous large government programs, these are just a part of the story. Increasingly, state and local law enforcement offices, fire departments, pilots associations, and commercial interests are turning to Metal Shark, too. The driving forces behind this continued success are an unwavering commitment to innovation through design and engineering excellence, proven durability, and unparalleled customer support.

Analytic Systems, is proud to be a partner with Metal Shark in these project designed to save Warfighter’s lives.  Analytic Systems is committed to innovative and cutting edge technology in the design and development of Military DC/DC Converters, MPPT Solar Charge Controllers, Inverters, Battery Chargers and Power Supplies.  Clients include: Northrop Grumman, NASA, US Marines, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Teleflex Canada, US Navy, Datron, Navistar, US Army, Boeing Corp, FPI, US Marines, and GD-OTS.  


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