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Five Year Warranty on New Innovative Intelligent Battery Charger

Delta, BC CANADA, Analytic Systems a Canadian high performance power conversion manufacturer is pleased to announce the first of their new line of Intelligent battery chargers, the IBC Series, will be ready for production at the beginning of August 2014. This is a whole new line of Digital Signal Processor based battery chargers. The first of these chargers is the IBC320, where IBC stands for ‘Intelligent Battery Charger’.  

The key feature is ‘Advanced Power Factor Correction’ on the AC input. This means that the charger will work from any AC voltage anywhere in the world, and uses that electricity in the most effective and efficient way. Power Factor Correction is a way of drawing AC power from the grid in exactly the same way as an incandescent light bulb (i.e. the current drawn is exactly proportional to the voltage at every point in the standard 50 or 60 Hz cycle). This will eliminate any additional charges on your electric bill for ‘Phantom’ or ‘Apparent’ power by the charger and ensure the charger makes the most efficient use of the available power.

The IBC320 uses LLC resonant converter technology to achieve Zero Voltage Switching on the Primary or high voltage side of the main power transformer and Active Rectification on the Secondary or Low Voltage side of the main power transformer for maximum efficiency and lowest Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) to ensure that it does not interfere with sensitive voice or data RF communication equipment.

The IBC320 Intelligent Battery Charger delivers a full 300 watts of charging power to 1 or 2 banks of batteries (that share the same Negative ground) in a Marine, RV or Industrial application. It is compatible with traditional flooded lead acid, Gel or VLRA and also Lithium Ion batteries and models are available for 12V, 24V, 32V, 36V or 48V battery banks. The charger is preprogrammed for three standard types of Lead Acid batteries; Flooded (traditional Lead Acid), AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat Lead Acid) and Gel or VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid). It also has a 4th custom program where all charging parameters can be adjusted to suit a particular type of battery including charging current, float voltage, absorption voltage, temperature compensation and more.

The built in microcomputer and the accompanying ‘Power Wizard’ software (downloadable from our website) allow precise programming of the charger to match the characteristics of almost any kind of battery available today, or in the future. Also any IBC Series charger can easily be updated with the latest improvements through the built in USB port. The charger requires no maintenance other than the occasional wipe down to remove any accumulation of dust or dirt.

This completely ‘Made in North America’ line of chargers is so well designed that we are confidently able to provide them with an exclusive Five Year Warranty on Parts and Labor!

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Bill Walker, VP, Sales & Marketing