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Analytic Systems Has Record Sales in Q2, 2012

Delta, BC, Canada

Analytic Systems, a Canadian manufacturer of high performance power conversion products has posted a record sales volume for the Second Quarter 2012. Usually production is over 50% rugged DC/DC converters in the 100 to 1500 Watt power range. This quarter there was a large increase in battery charger and inverter sales due to a substantial reduction in their 2012 pricing to dealers and distributors mainly in the commercial marine and industrial markets. The price decrease happened due to the efficiencies brought on by the Lean Manufacturing processes and new automated equipment.

In addition, their on-time order shipping was at 99.12% (just shy of their on-time record of 99.16%, in October 2011). This is due to the positive effects of their adherence to Lean Manufacturing processes, excellent relationships with their vendors, and their ultra modern Surface Mount Technology. Their target on a monthly basis is 97%.

Analytic Systems is committed to innovative and cutting edge technology in the design and development of DC/DC converters, DC/AC inverters, AC and DC source battery chargers and AC power supplies. Clients include: DEW Engineering, Northrop Grumman, Accipter, Weatherhaven, Canadian Forces, Lockheed Martin, AAI Corp, Navistar, Teleflex, Raytheon, US
Navy, Textron Systems, US Army, Boeing, SAIC, Oshkosh, Syracuse Research, US Marines, and GD-OTS.

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