For Immediate Release

Analytic Systems supports LMCO/USMC, Combat Convoy Simulator

Surrey, BC, Canada

The US Marine Corps has purchased the Lockheed Martin, Combat Convoy Simulator program, an immersive training program that teaches crews how to handle hazardous situations while driving in urban war zones. Analytic Systems has confirmed that their DC/DC Battery Chargers are used in the CCS program. The model BCD305-12-24, is a rugged charger that provides up to 13 Amps of clean, steady power. It was originally designed for the commercial marine market but fits easily into the military marketplace due to its rugged construction and low EMI.

Analytic Systems, of Surrey, B.C., Canada, ( manufactures a wide range of High Performance Power Conversion products including MPPT Solar Charge Controllers, DC/DC voltage converters, AC and DC source battery chargers, AC/DC power supplies and DC/AC inverters for Military, Alternative Energy, Commercial Marine, and Industrial, applications, throughout North America and around the world.

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