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Analytic Systems Wins Aluminum Chambered Boats Contract

Surrey, BC, Canada

Analytic Systems is pleased to announce that Aluminum Chambered Boats, Inc. of Bellingham, Washington, has awarded them the first orders for a COTS militarized voltage converter, the VTC1015mil-24-12. This 24 VDC to 12 VDC voltage converter is specifically modified to meet the rugged conditions the 34’ workboat will find itself for ACB’s contract for the US Marine Corps for overseas operations. The VTC1015mil-24-12 provides 60 Amps, continuous, to power navigational equipment. ACB anticipates building at a minimum of four boats per month
with one week duration between boats, there are 62 boats remaining from the original contract. The contract may extend out to two years.

In addition, Analytic Systems has recently received a contract form SeaArk Boats for the same VTC1015mil-24-12, for its USCG project. This voltage converter is built with special filtering to reduce EMI noise to an absolute minimum which is best for running electronic equipment. The line of Analytic Systems voltage converters is designed for rugged conditions and can be ruggedized further for military requirements using the “mil” package.
ACB Boats is one of America’s finest workboat manufacturer’s. They produce a line of workboat and patrol boats.

Analytic Systems, of Surrey, B.C., Canada, ( manufactures a wide range of high performance Power Conversion products including AC and DC source battery chargers, DC to DC voltage converters, AC to DC power supplies and DC to AC inverters. Over 65%of its business is for the US Military but they also focus on other high end markets: Commercial Marine, Industrial, Alternative Energy and Telecom
applications, throughout North America and around the world.

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Vice President, Sales and Marketing

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