Marine Industry

Durable Power Systems for the Marine Industry

Analytic Systems origins are in the marine market with their first 32 to 12 volt Switchmode DC-DC voltage converter designed in 1976 by founder Lloyd Hargrove specifically for powering 12V 150 Watt SSB radios directly from 32V engine starting batteries.

Today we manufacture a full line of marine grade power conversion products including step-up and step-down DC to DC Voltage Converters from 60 to 1500 Watts, Multi-Bank Programmable Battery Chargers for 12, 24 and 32 volt batteries up to 100 Amps and Pure Sine Wave DC to AC Inverters from 12, 24 or 32 volt batteries up to 3600 Watts.

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 Industry Applications

  • Naval & Defense
  • Research & Exploration
  • Offshore Supply
  • Commercial Vessel
  • Luxury & Super Yacht
  • Fishing & Trolling
  • General Consumer
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