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We welcome customer challenges.
We use lean processes to be efficient and competitive.

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What does it mean to our customers?

Innovation has been the buzz word around manufacturing for many years, but what does it really mean? Most people think about the “big win” of a Product Innovation, like the Apple iPhone or the Tesla Model S. However there are really 7 styles of innovation and the more styles a company can add to its repertoire, the more value it can provide to its customers.

Application Innovation means taking one product and moving it into another application. At Analytic Systems this has been a trademark of our growth. As everyone needs power in one way or another, we have developed agile products that can be adapted / modified to various markets and a variety of environmental conditions defined by our customers. Our strength is that we can and will do this for one unit or 1,001 units.

This refers to upgrading a product for better performance, or to take advantage of new components or technologies. Analytic Systems has been actively upgrading a variety of it standard products to digital control and will continue to do so. For example we have converted all our IPS series inverters to digital control and increased the power output to 3600 watts, renaming the line IPSi (i for intelligent). We have also upgraded our 300 watt battery chargers to digital control (IBC320 series) and are working on converting the rest of our line to digital control and higher power.

Process Innovation is the “behind the scenes” way of doing business. Analytic Systems uses Aegis Manufacturing Operations Software to improve efficiency and quality by streamlining and controlling process planning, process tracking, and quality and test management. Additionally, Analytic Systems is certified to the ISO9001-2008 quality management system.

Experiential Innovation is continuously improving the experience of doing business with Analytic Systems. It starts by answering the phone in person. We are now bar coding all our products to help our customers warehouse our product more easily. We are working on re-packaging our products to provide a more “retail” appearance. In addition to that we have upgraded our packaging systems to ensure all our products arrive in pristine condition.

Marketing and Sales Innovation is Analytic Systems strategy to provide relevant information to our customers allowing them to easily identify the correct product for their needs, and then making the sales process as efficient possible so the customer gets the right product in a timely fashion. The core of this strategy is a powerful parametric search engine on our website combined with comprehensive multi-media tools that will assist our customers to identify their power issues and find power solutions using the correct Analytic Systems’ product.

In the 1990’s Analytic Systems focused on rugged, high performance power conversion products for the commercial marine market. After our first major orders for the US military we realized we had the opportunity to take that experience and move into the military market in a larger way. From that first military power supply for the US Army Field Kitchens (10,000+ units manufactured with less than a 0.1% repair rate), we have developed a complete military program that has allowed us to serve many new markets within western military organizations. We have turned these lessons around to assist us in creating new products for our non-military markets.

We realized that to improve quality and efficiency we needed to take more control of the entire manufacturing process. Our purchase of Metal Action Machining Ltd. allowed us to be more flexible in our extruded and billet chassis production. Because of integration of CNC machining into our process, we were able to win the largest contact in our history for the power system for the Shadow UAS.

These 7 innovation styles help us to provide our customers with a unique and improved business experience and create better products through continuous improvement.