IBC320MW Series
  • IBC320MW Prelim View
  • Improved battery life
  • More complete battery charging for improved battery runtime
  • No interference with radios or other sensitive electronics
  • Ultra Quiet Operation (no fans)
  • Simple Operation
  • Can operate as a Power Supply
  • Rugged and reliable
  • Most efficient use of available AC power

The IBC320MW Intelligent Battery Charger provides up to 300 watts to charge a 28 volt battery system. The charger is preprogrammed for Flooded (traditional Lead Acid), AGM (Absorbed Glass Matt), Gel or VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) and Lithium Ion. All four programs can be adjusted to suit a particular type of battery including bulk charging current, absorption voltage, float voltage, temperature compensation and more.

This charger uses advanced Power Factor Correction circuitry on the AC input so it will work from any standard AC voltage anywhere in the world. LLC Resonant Converter Technology allows Zero Voltage/Zero Current switching on the Primary or high voltage side of the main power transformer, and Active Rectification on the Secondary or Low Voltage side offers maximum efficiency and lowest Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) to ensure that the IBC320MW does not disturb sensitive voice or data RF communication equipment.

Eight dual color LEDs and audible alert clearly indicate charging levels and stages as well as indicating faults with either the charger or the batteries. The ‘PowerWizard’ software that is free to download adds advanced charging algorithm programming and charger monitoring as well as a graphing function through the built in USB port.

Safety features include charger and battery over temperature shutdown, current limiting, short circuit protection, input under voltage shutdown and output over-voltage protection, all with automatic recovery.